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  • Name: TW-85V-C
  • Product ID: TW-85V-C
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1. Hydraulic pneumatic hybrid liquid silica gel feeder, improving the glue A and B feeding accuracy.
2. Multi-stage precision PID-type mold temperature control.
3. LSR dedicated screw material tube, special water-cooled closed nozzle. FF-
4. Upper and lower mold plate thermal insulation glass fiber panels, good barrier effect, preventing the mold temperature from being transmitted to the machine.
5. Double-sliding plate design (one upper mold and two lower molds) design, conducive to fetching and placing inserts and cleaning the mold.
6. Optional vacuum devices, preventing product bubbles.

Injection System    Model  Unit Value

Screw Diameter

mm 36 42

Material Injection Pressure

kgf/c㎡ 2176 1599

Theoretical Injection Volume

cm³ 158 215

Maximum Injection Weight

gr 141 194
oz 5 7.0

Injection Rate

cc/s 61 83

Screw Rotation Number

r.p.m 0~180

Screw Stroke

mm 155

Nozzle Stroke

mm 200

Nozzle Jacking Force

tf 3.5
Mold Clamping System

Mold Clamping Mode


Mold Clamping Force

tf 85

Mold Clamping Stroke

mm 200

Maximum Space

mm 380

Minimum Mold Thickness

mm 180

Mold Plate Size

mm 760*560

Column Inside Size

mm 520*320

Hydraulic Needle Projecting Force

tf 2.7

Needle Protruding Stroke

mm Protruding 40

Oil and Electric System, Othe

Mold Clamping System

kw 11.1(15HP)

Electric Motor

kw 6.7

Mechanical Dimensions




Packing Size

m 2.4*1.7*3.6

Packing Weight

t 5

Fuel Tank Capacity

l 260
Cooling Water Consumption l/hr 800-1000
★ The specifications may be modified without prior notice. Screws can be chosen to use    

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