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  • Name: 85Ton Double sliding table vertical injection moulding machine
  • Product ID: 85Ton
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 Main Features

1).Guide rail of mobile workbench is made of imported chrome plated round stick with high rating accuracy; 
2).Surface of mobile workbench is made of high intensity extruding aluminum alloy with high intensity and no deformable performance 
3).With oxidation treatment, movable table surface is beautiful and hard wearing 
4).We make the machine aggravating in order to improve equipment stability and is much heavier than 
ordinary ones and running more stable 
5).High precision and can reach 0.005mm. And the cutting surface is smoother without jagged 
6).self-developed high quality saw blade,glossy,neat 
7).light- weight and reliable spindle bearing and lifting system  

   Specification UNIT TW-85V-C-2S
Injection unit  Screw Diameter      mm 36    42
Injection Pressure  kgf/c㎡    2171   1599  
Injection Volume cm³ 158    215
Injection Weight(P.S) gr 141    194
oz 5     7
Injection Rate cc/s 61    83
Screw Speed r.p.m 0~180
Screw Stroke mm 155
Nozzle Stroke mm 200
Material Hopper Volume tf 3.5
Clamping unit  Nozzle Contact Force …… Hydraulic
Clamping System   tf 85
Clamping Force mm 200
Clamping Stroke mm 380
Max.Mould Space mm 180
Min.Mould Height mm 760*560
Overall Size Of  Platens(HXV) mm 520*320
Space Between Columns(HXV) tf 2.7
Space Between Columns (HXV) mm 50
Hydraulic Ejector Force mm 500
Slid table  Slid table operating stroke  mm 500*550
Slid table side Sets 1
Others  Drive Motor kw 11.1(15HP)
Heater kw 6.7
Oil Tank Capacity m 1.75*1.9*4.1
Cooling Water t 4.5
Machine Size m 1.95*2.1*3.6
Machine Weight t 5.2
Package Size l 260
Package weight l/hr 800~1000