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  • Name: 90Ton double color/material vertical injection molding machine
  • Product ID: 90Ton
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1. The upper template is equipped with two male molds, the disc is equipped with two  female molds,the disc makes 180 degrees of pro and con alternatives when it takes shapes. Then the two-color (dual materials) injection molding (or over molding)is completed.

2. Vertical clamping, with disc and two independent injection units (independent hydraulic circuit) the force of clamping is from 50TON ~ 250TON, all controlled by computer, low hydraulic system, more suitable for the production of general or special Two-color (material) molding.

3. High efficient disc, the middle is a set of devices for cooling water under the mold.

4. Expandable computer programs and special multi-station discs (e.g, two male molds and four female molds) and with automatic embedding and removal device can achieve fully automatic machine operation and increase production capacity.

Screw Diameter      mm 20  22  26
Injection Capacity   kgf/c㎡ 2240 1851 1325
Injection Capacity cm³ 28  34  47
Injection Weight(P.S) gr 25  30  42
Injection Rate cc/s 28  34  47
Screw Speed r.p.m 0~180
Screw Stroke mm 90
Heater KW 2.5*2
Drive Motor KW 5.5*2
Clamping Force tf 50(25*2)
Min.Mould Height mm 180
Clamping Stroke mm 215
Max.Mould Space mm 395
Overall Size Of Platens(HXV) mm 850*350
table Diamerer&Injection center mm Φ600/300
Space Between Columns(HXV) ~ ~
Space Between Columns (HXV) tf 2.6
Hydraulic Ejector Force mm 100
Dimension of Machine(LXWXH) 1.1*1.5*3.2
Weight Of Machine 3.8
Oil Tank Capacity L 260