• Name: 50Ton Double sliding table vertical injection moulding machine
  • Product ID: 50Ton
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1. Vertical clamping, horizontal injection, inorganic column design, three-side open space, suitable for medium embedded parts injection molding.

2. Direct pressure mode, double cylinder injection system, good precision, long life.

3. Can be paired with micro-computer control system, or the whole computer control system, both low price, high precision of the dual advantages.

4. The ejection seat rises and fall, the advance and retreat can adjust, the frame mold quickly convenient.

5.C Steel structure, integrated molding, high pressure bending moment deformation is less.

6. Can be combined with the requirements of embedded parts, the choice of skateboard type or turntable, in order to improve productivity efficiency.


   Specification UNIT TW-50V-C-2S
Injection unit  Screw Diameter      mm 28    36
Injection Pressure  kgf/c㎡ 2321   1404
Injection Volume cm³ 80     132
Injection Weight(P.S) gr 72     119
oz 2.5     4.2
Injection Rate cc/s 47     78
Screw Speed r.p.m 0~180
Screw Stroke mm 130
Nozzle Stroke mm 200
Material Hopper Volume tf 3.5
Clamping unit  Nozzle Contact Force …… Hydraulic
Clamping System   tf 50
Clamping Force mm 215
Clamping Stroke mm 360
Max.Mould Space mm 145
Min.Mould Height mm 600*400
Overall Size Of  Platens(HXV) mm 440*240
Space Between Columns(HXV) tf 1.7
Space Between Columns (HXV) mm 40
Slid table  Hydraulic Ejector Force mm 400
Slid table operating stroke  mm 800*420
Slid table side Sets 2
Others  Drive Motor kw 7.5(10HP)
Heater kw 4.9
Oil Tank Capacity 1.5*1.55*3.2
Cooling Water 2.6
Machine Size m 1.7*1.75*2.5
Machine Weight t 2.9
Package Size l 180
Package weight l/hr 600~800